Mibbit support

Good news for those of you who have been using Mibbit: our recent server upgrade has made it possible for us to properly support it finally. What this means is that when you connect via Mibbit, you will no longer show as having an @(...).mibbit.com hostname, but instead it will look as if you're connecting using a normal IRC client.

Gone now will also be the session limit bans that have plagued Mibbit for so long.

While we still suggest that you connect using a direct client like mIRC, LimeChat, ChatZilla, etc., we're glad that this is now a more viable option for people behind firewalls and the like.


New server online

Those of you who haven't reconnected in the past few days have probably noticed some NOTICE spam encouraging you to reconnect. This is because we've brought a new server online. When you connect to irc.utonet.org now, this goes to our new server. The old one is, of course, still connected for the time being, but it won't be for much longer at all.

The new server should go a long way toward stopping the crash issues we've been experiencing over the past few years.

Anyone connecting using the IP address should switch to using the domain name, irc.utonet.org, or at least switch to using the new IP: Note: This IP address has been edited since the original post.

On a related note, we're aware of the ongoing issues with Mibbit. This has to do with how Mibbit enforces its session limits across multiple servers. This should clear up pretty soon.


Revitalization efforts

The DNS debacle of the past couple days has now been resolved. We're very happy to report that you can keep on using utonet.org as long as you want.

Now that that's out of the way, we're turning our attention toward fixing some of the little quirks and problems that have cropped up over the past few years. UtoNet is largely self-managing at this point, but we have a big backlog of things we've wanted to improve for some time.

Obviously, one of the first of these is the website. It was full of old, useless information. We're starting to fix that up already, replacing it with something terse and useful.

Our support system has been pretty lacking as of late too. A lot of people coming into the help channel are getting ignored just because the "staff" (we're actually all volunteers, as UtoNet does not generate any revenue) are all busy people. We'll be making some improvements surrounding the help channel, to ensure that newcomers and regulars can get the support they need.

For a long while now our email support has been broken too. We've fixed that and the opers email is now working. You can direct any sensitive questions that you wouldn't want to ask over IRC to opers at utonet.org — password resets and the like.

Finally, to move past some of the server crash issues, we'll be upgrading UtoNet's software and migrating to a new server. With our current plans, no data will be lost in the move — you'll still have your channels and nicknames intact — but we'll be on a more stable server, and we'll be saving money. All good things.